The complex project is a combination of modern design, the latest engineering solutions, accurate calculations and advanced technologies.
Glazing with multifunctional double-glazed windows
We use multifunctional double-glazed windows for glazing, which are located all the way to the floor. This design solution not only adds elegance to the interior, but also provides excellent heat and sound insulation. Thanks to this glazing, the interiors are filled with light, and residents can enjoy panoramic views. Your comfort — our priority!
Ventilated facade faced with porcelain tiles
One of the key elements of our project is a ventilated facade, lined with porcelain stoneware slabs. This modern cladding method not only gives the building a stylish and modern look, but also provides additional thermal and sound insulation. Porcelain tiles are highly durable, resistant to external factors and have a long service life.
WI-FI throughout the complex
We understand the importance of being constantly connected to the digital world. That is why uninterrupted access to WI-FI is provided throughout the complex. Whether it's your apartment, recreation areas, fitness center or swimming pool — you can always be online. This is an ideal solution for those who work remotely, for students, and for those who simply want to enjoy watching movies or chatting on social networks in the fresh air.
Modern air conditioning and ventilation system
One of the key elements that ensures an ideal microclimate in each apartment is a modern air conditioning and ventilation system. This system guarantees uniform distribution of cool air in summer and warm air — in winter, creating comfortable living conditions at any time of the year. In addition, thanks to the advanced ventilation system, the indoor air always remains fresh and clean, eliminating excess humidity and preventing the formation of condensation.
Equipped individual parking space
One of the advantages of our complex is equipped individual parking for each resident. Each apartment owner is provided with a personal parking space, designed in such a way as to ensure maximum safety and comfort when parking. Spacious and clearly marked spaces, modern lighting and video surveillance systems ensure that your car is safe at any time of the day.
Security system with surveillance cameras
To ensure maximum protection and control on the territory of the complex, we have implemented a modern security system with surveillance cameras. Each camera is placed in such a way as to provide complete coverage of all key areas of the complex. High resolution and night mode allow you to capture even the smallest details, providing round-the-clock video surveillance and 24/7 security.

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